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Great Irish Setter Breeding!!

These pups are sired by FC Heiligsepp's Blick and out of Russell's New Day. They are 4 months old and have been introduced to the blank gun, and been on birds, as pictured at 7 and 12 weeks. They are very stylish and incredibly intelligent.They are showing great potential to be very nice gundogs and hunting companions. They are crate trained, well socialized and have been raised in a family setting. They are absolutely full of personality and love to be around people and must go to a family setting. Microchipped and vaccinated.




Our Journey:

In 2005 our family was accidently introduced to the Vizsla Breed. I came home from work and there was a beautiful red dog in my yard. I remember the exact moment because she was like no other dog I had ever seen. It was truly love at first sight. Upon questioning my husband, he informed me we were keeping her for one of his hunting buddies. Well, I fell in love with her and she never left our farm. She was smart, agile, kind, and loyal. In addition, to being a excellent bird dog, she had all the qualities a owner could ask for both in and out of the field. Our great love for the dog was the catalyst for starting Fidler's Farm in 2009. At this point we had purchased two more Vizsla's and quickly became addicted to the sports of hunt tests and field trials. In addition to our two human children, our Vizsla's are our family. We are dedicated to the sport of Field Trialing and the Vizsla Breed. You will notice that we have only had two litters of puppies. This is due to our belief that we should only breed for the very best genetic qualities. Fidler's Farm strives for excellence in producing competitive, intelligent, loyal, and biddable Vizlsas that excel in and out of the field. Field Trialing has quickly become a family tradition. Our children are involved in every aspect of training and care for the animals. If you come to visit us, you may find kids and dogs all over our living room watching movies, or we could be all in the field training. Our family approaches life as an adventure and our dogs are integrated into every piece of our life! I can confidently recommend our pups for hunting, hunt tests, field trialing, and companionship. As long as you have the time to give them attention and exercise, they will be your friend for life and never disappoint. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Fidler's Farm.

Stephanie Fidler
(816) 668-9368

Brian Fidler
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Purina "Today's Breeder" Article

"Handling the Future"
by Sara Meyer

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Spotlight on Juniors in Performance Events

Andrew Fidler makes successful debut as Junior handler!

By Bonnie Hidalgo, AKC Field Rep

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Field Trial Dogs Produce Great Hunting Puppies

When searching for a bird dog puppy, the inevitable question surrounding whether or not you desire field trial bloodlines always comes up.  Put me into the category of guys who have said the following about field trial dogs in the past:

“I don’t want a high-wired, big running dog with a bunch of titles.  Pure and simple, I want a hunting dog.”  

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Horseback Field Trial explanation:

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