Dear supporters of Tuesdays Grace and Fidler’s Farm Boys Group Home,


I have an update on the Fidler’s Farm group home status. After several years of effort, the plan for Fidler’s Farm is being revised. Because of zoning, county land regulations, and other situations and events, there will not be a boys group home on Fidler’s Farm. However, the Fidler’s are now prayerfully considering day programs for boys, as there are way fewer county restrictions. They are also looking at the potential to partner with other established groups to still use the farm and animals to somehow help troubled boys.  If this is accomplished, all funds raised will go to this program. 

If anyone has any questions, please message me or contact me at . All of the money raised for the group home is still waiting in an account. We ask that all of our supporters and friends please pray for God’s guidance and will as the Fidler’s now move forward with looking at other options and ideas. If Fidler’s Farm is not able to come up with a set plan for how to use the farm to help boys within one year, the funds raised through the book and donations will be donated locally to a similar program for boys. Again, if you have any questions, please e-mail or message me. Please forward to anyone you know who might have made a donation or who had interest in the program. Thank you for your prayers and support!